We are LT 2013, 10, 10.5 and LT 11 Compatible!

On-Premise or in the Cloud, whether you are old-schooling a LabTech 2013 system or at the forefront with LabTech 11 in the Cloud we are here to support your needs.

Automation that saves you money

CCleaner for LabTech saves you time by automating the tasks your engineers end up doing manually. CCleaner for LabTech works day and night, never takes a day off, and is always on the clock.

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  • Easy to Configure
  • Easy To Deploy and License
  • Easy to Analyse
  • Easy to Clean and Keep Clean
  • Easy to Clean the Windows Registry

The Complete Package

Everything You Need, All In One Plugin

CCleaner for LabTech does it all for you with just the install of the plugin. No need to download or manage CCleaner software, you only need the plugin and your CCleaner License key and your ready to start cleaning. Install the plugin and add your license key to the manager and away you go, that's it. Simple and Easy

Let's Get Started

Call LabTech Sales to get CCleaner for LabTech

CCleaner for LabTech is very cost effective to use across any size MSP. By licensing CCleaner for LabTech per PC you can leverage the power of automation and place that power just where you need it saving you time and money.

To activate your plugin and to get rolling with CCleaner Business Edition call LabTech Sales @ 877.522.8323